About Pines Coffee


The most popular beverage of all time makes it return! Natural pumpkin puree, pure cane sugar, and the spices of fall come together in a savory latte like no other. Available this year in a GMO free xylitol sugarless version.

Core Values

This may sound strange coming from your friendly neighborhood coffee and tea shop, but they LOVE people. mean it. Theirroaster, Happy Cup Coffee, is an extraordinary partner that showcases theirheart. They hire those with developmental disabilities. 3000 miles away or on one of our farms to the small batch roaster or their storefront, the message is the same. People matter.

Their stores are all built specifically for one thing: COMMUNITY. As you walk up or drive through theirbeautiful location, their hope is that you feel right at home. Theirpassion is to create an experience that will leave you wanting to bring a higher level to everything you put your hand to.

What good would a company be that was just all about loving people and the community without an amazing quality product?! The best way to ensure the outmost quality in theirproducts is to keep as close tabs on as much as they can. That is why they make theirsyrups, oatmeal, and alternative milks in-house. It enables them to oversee the whole process to make sure no fake stuff gets thrown into the mix.